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May 1951
Annual Band
Festival Held
High school students from Negro
schools all over North Carolina ciowd
ed the campus April 18, attending the
annual Hand Festival sponsored by the
North Carolina Bandmasters Association. About 2000 students and fifty-
bands   participated.
Lbe bands were divided into Classes
A, 11. and C, according to size anil
organizations, and varied in size from
16 pieces to 100 pieces. They were
judged on tone, intonation, interpretation, technique, general effect, stage
decorum, and instrumentation. Kach
one performed a march, a required
composition, and a composition of its
own  selection.
The class C bands and smaller
groups and ensembles, including soloists, duets, trios, and the like, were
judged in lbe morning. The larger
bands were  judged  in  the afternoon.
following the contests, the band"
massed on the athletic field and play
ed several numbers in concert. A
band festival dance in the college gymnasium ended ihe activities of the dav.
Grace Hale Helps
Us With Planned
Giace Hale, consultant lor the
Planned Parenthood Federation ot
America, gave an address on planned
parenthood Thursday in the Harrison
Auditorium of A. and T. College.
She began with a brief history of
the federation which was begun 30
years ago by Dr.  Margaret Sanger.
S'he told the audience that the program of the federation included making effective contraceptives available
to young couples who needed them,
and teaching them how to use them
intelligently, helping young married
couples who desire children to remove
the obstacles such as infertility or
sterility, and education of young people who are preparing for marriage
by presenting them with literature,
counsel, facts, anil statistics about marriage.
She discussed the various research
activities sponsored by lbe federation.
These include finding better and more
inexpensive contraceptives, discovering
reasons for infertility, seeking means to
reduce the incidence of maternal
deaths, and finding ways to prevent
infant deaths.
T. A. B. S.
The Association of Business Students
during its meeting. May 2. 1951. in
room "B" Dudley Building, voted to
leave a gill to the Business Department.     This  gilt   will   consist  of  four
BUY ...
Sold at . . .
North Campus Canteen
Main Campus Canteen
College Inn
New Greek I
Chapter Organized
When Father Time shall dose the
Book of Events for this school session, in the section set aside for Greek
activities on the Agricultural and Technical College campus, there will be
recorded for the first time in lbe
history of the college: Sigma Gamma
Rho, the youngest of Greek lei ter Collegiate sororities. Sigma Camilla Rho
Chapters are found in tbe leading colleges in the state of North Carolina,
the  Mid-West  and  lbe  North-East.
Upon completing ihe journey into
Greek land, lbe charier was granted
to the Gamma Chapter of Sigma Gamma   Rho.     Ils   charter   members   are:
Misses Barbara Jackson, who comes
to us from Tampa, Florida, was elected basileus; Frances Andrew, hailing
from Asheboro, North Carolina, cai
ried the votes for anti-basileus; Beulah Mitchell, who holds the office as
grammateus, comes to us from Fayetteville,     North     Carolina;     Mildred
mirrors and four ash stands. Two asli
stands and two mirrors will be placed in lbe reading room at Building
1219.   and   two   of  each   at   1215.
The final meeting of the Associa
lion will be held on May 15, 1951.
We invite all Business and Commercial
Ed majors to attend.
1951 Edition of the Aggie Baseball Team
Reading   from  left  to   right,  are:  Valentine,   pitcher;   Morgan,   outfield;   Robinson,   infield:   Groomes,   infield:   Tapscott,
pitcher; and Johnson, pitcher.    Second row. Reed, infield; Blakely. outfield;  Smith, outfield;   Meadors, catcher;  Braxton,
infield:   Richards,   pitcher,   and   Jackson,   pitcher.     Third   row:  Canada, pitcher;  James,  infield;  Kithcart, outfield;   Martin, pitcher; Mims, iniield; Rouse, outfield, and Hair, infield.    Photo by Ward.
Jackson, a product of Waynesboro.
Virginia, was elected tamiocheus; Lottie Massenbuih, holding the office of
parliamentarian, hails from Waverly.
Virginia     Ihe   cilice   of   1 pistok-us   is
held   by   Rosa   Gay   from   Laurinburg.
North  Carolina.
To the Fellow Greeks, who extended to us such an impressive heart
warming  welcome  lo  Greek   land.  wc.
the members of (.annua Chapter ol
Sigma Gamma Rho. wish to sing out
to you from the bottom of our hearts.
a million hymns of gratefulness and
to all of von a  pleasant  vacation.
*,,, _m ,, XV™.
$ &
/•<*csrr<en U • *e *a',r " ctr»V.es»
ta  Vou *»* jolliffe
Ponald C--i    Denver
Fine tobacco —and only fine tobacco—can
give you a better-tasting cigarette. And
L.S./M.F.T.-Lucky Strike means fine tobacco. So, for the best-tasting cigarette you
ever smoked, Be Happy —Go Lucky! How
about startin' with a carton—today?
IS/M FT-li/cky Strike
Means Fine Tobacco
J -terr>Pe
eV3*" , Hayes
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